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Chromate conversion coatings are a variable group that can be made as a single finish by itself, or as a secondary after treatment of another metal finish and is generally applied to aluminum. This chemical film, also called by the trade names of Alodine or Iridite, is a thin, clear, blue, yellow or litmus conversion coating used as primer for painting, general protection to prevent the aluminum from oxidizing. When we say it is a secondary post treatment it is understood as a chromate on another finish such as zinc or cadmium.


Chromate Conversion Coatings Features:

  • Good base for painting applications

  • Protects against corrosion

  • Provides good electrical properties



  • Adhesion of paint or other organic coating

  • Economical Immersion Protective Coating for Aluminum.

  • Do not use electric current.

  • Applied by brush in the field as retouch for damaged parts.

  • In mixed assemblies of metals that cannot be anodized.

Chromate, Chemfilm, Alodine or Iridite Conversions

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