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Conversion coatings is a generic term used to refer to a coating produced by a chemical or electrochemical treatment on a metal surface.


Is a conversion coating formed by a chemistry reaction between iron and oxidizing salts to form and integral protective surface. The oxidizing salts react with iron to form the magnetite which is the black iron oxide. Although black oxide is commonly applied for Steel, it can be use in another substrate including stainless steel, copper, and brass. Typically, the black oxide has a subsequent immersion of oil or lacquer to improve the corrosion protection of the finish. Black oxide offers a nice matte black appearance at low cost.


  • Corrosion resistance (when greased / waxed)

  • Appearance

  • Competitive cost

  • Dimensional stability


Black oxide applications:

  • Gun Components

  • Precision bearings

  • Machined

Black Oxide

Conversion Coatings

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